When it comes to ancient Greek mythical literature, there are often elements that are reflected in contemporary literature. This can be seen in the way that writers often explore universal themes and ideas, which can be traced back to the works of Homer and other classic authors. In addition, research and reviews of contemporary literature often make reference to the study of ancient texts, as they provide a valuable perspective on the development of literary traditions.

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Which elements of ancient Greek mythical literature are often reflected in contemporary literature Check all that apply?

-Themes of good vs. evil
-The power of fate or destiny
-The dangers of hubris or excessive pride
-The importance of honor and glory
-The dangers of unchecked passion or desire
-The power of friendship or love

Which contemporary novel most likely contains a mythological element that is also found in cruel tribute?

There is no one contemporary novel that contains a mythological element that is also found in cruel tribute. However, many contemporary novels contain mythological elements, and some of these may be similar to those found in cruel tribute.

Which line from cruel tribute best supports the idea that Ariadne’s actions help advance the plot quizlet?

“And so I helped him, though I knew it was wrong.”

What is cruel tribute?

“Cruel tribute” is a term used to describe the forced collection of taxes or other payments from a conquered people by their conquerors.


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