Bay Psalm and The Day of Doom are important works for American literature because they are classic examples of early American literature. They are also important because they are studied by many people who are interested in American literature and culture.

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What is Day of Doom in literature?

The Day of Doom is a 1662 Puritan religious tract by Increase Mather. It is a work of eschatology, mainly concerned with the end times and Christ’s Second Coming.

What is significant about Michael Wigglesworth’s book The Day of Doom?

The Day of Doom is a significant book because it is one of the first works of literature in the American colonies. It is also significant because it is a Puritan work, which means that it reflects the values and beliefs of the Puritan community.

What kind of poem is The Day of Doom?

The Day of Doom is an apocalyptic poem written by American Puritan preacher Michael Wigglesworth in 1662. The poem describes the end of the world and the final judgment, and it was widely popular in its time.


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