Epiphany is important in literature because it is a moment of realization or understanding that can change a character’s entire perspective. It is a powerful tool for writers to use to create suspense, conflict, and growth in their characters. In a well-written story, an epiphany can be a turning point that makes the reader see the character in a new light.

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What is an epiphany Why is it important in literature?

An epiphany is a sudden, powerful, and often life-changing realization or insight. In literature, epiphanies are often used to introduce major turning points or new understandings in a character’s life story, and can be an important tool for revealing hidden depths or motivations.

What is the Epiphany in a story?

The epiphany is the moment when the protagonist has a sudden realization or understanding about something important. This moment is often a turning point in the story, and can be both positive or negative.

What is the exact meaning of epiphany?

The word “epiphany” can refer to a moment when someone has a sudden, powerful realization or understanding. It can also describe a moment when someone experiences a sudden, intense feeling of joy or wonder.

Who brought the term epiphany into literary criticism?

The term epiphany was brought into literary criticism by the Irish writer and critic James Joyce.


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