A literature review is an important component of mixed-methods research, as it allows scholars to situate their research within the existing body of knowledge on a given topic. By critically evaluating previous research, a literature review can identify gaps in the current body of knowledge and help to formulate new research questions. Additionally, a literature review can help to situate the researcher’s own work within the existing body of knowledge, providing context for the research.

Other related questions:

How is literature review done in mixed method studies?

There is no one answer to this question as different researchers will have different methods for conducting a literature review in a mixed methods study. However, some common approaches include reviewing relevant literature from both qualitative and quantitative research traditions, and using a systematic and/or thematic approach to identify and analyze key themes and ideas. Additionally, researchers may use a variety of methods to collect data on the literature review, such as interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

Why is a literature review important in the research process?

A literature review is important in the research process because it allows you to see what other researchers have already said about your topic. This can help you to build on their work and to better understand the issues that you are studying. Additionally, a literature review can help you to identify gaps in the existing research and to determine where future research may be needed.

What is the purpose of literature review in a qualitative research?

There are a few different purposes for literature reviews in qualitative research. One purpose is to provide a justification for why the research is being conducted. Another purpose is to provide an overview of the current state of knowledge on the topic being researched. Additionally, literature reviews can help to situate the research within a broader context and can help to identify gaps in the existing research.

What are the benefits of reading articles that use mixed methods research?

There are many benefits to reading articles that use mixed methods research. Some of these benefits include gaining a more comprehensive understanding of a research topic, being able to triangulate data to strengthen findings, and gaining insights from multiple perspectives. Additionally, mixed methods research can help to address limitations of traditional research designs, such as the potential for bias and researcher subjectivity.


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