Naturalism and realism are two important movements in American literature. Naturalism emerged in the late 19th century, while realism emerged in the mid-19th century. Both movements were in response to the changes that were taking place in American society at the time.

Naturalism was a response to the Industrial Revolution and the rise of cities. Realism was a response to the Civil War and the growing division between the North and the South. Both movements sought to portray American life in a realistic and unbiased way.

Naturalism and realism are important to American literature because they helped to create a new literary tradition in the United States. Before these movements, American literature was largely influenced by British literature. Naturalism and realism helped to create an American literary tradition that was unique and different from the British tradition.

These movements also had a profound impact on American culture. Naturalism and realism helped to shape the way Americans think about their country and their place in the world. These movements helped to create a new American identity.

Other related questions:

Why is naturalism important American literature?

Naturalism was a literary movement that emerged in the late 19th century in America. It was marked by its focus on the harsh realities of life, particularly for those in the lower classes, and its frank portrayal of human nature, which was often seen as being cruel, violent, and selfish.

What was significant about naturalism and realism?

There are a few things that are significant about naturalism and realism. First, naturalism was a reaction to the previous literary movement, romanticism. Romanticism focused on the individual, emotions, and imagination, while naturalism focused on the external, objective world. Realism was a similar movement that also focused on the external world, but it sought to portray the world as it actually is, rather than how it is seen through the lens of emotion or imagination.

What is realism and naturalism in American literature?

Realism and naturalism are two different but related literary movements. Realism is a style of writing that emphasizes on depicting actual life experiences, while naturalism is a more extreme form of realism that focuses on the darker aspects of human nature.

How did naturalism affect American literature?

Naturalism affected American literature by introducing a new form of writing that focused on the lives of ordinary people and their everyday struggles. This type of writing was in contrast to the more idealized and romanticized literature that was popular at the time. Naturalism also had a major influence on the development of American realism, which was another important literary movement in the country.

What is the purpose of realism in American literature?

Realism in American literature refers to the realistic portrayal of characters, settings, and events in a work of fiction. This style of writing began in the mid-19th century and became popular in the early 20th century. Realistic fiction typically aims to give readers a realistic, unbiased view of the world and its inhabitants.

Why realism is important in literature?

Realism is important in literature because it allows readers to connect with the characters and understand the story on a personal level. Realistic fiction is often seen as more relatable and down-to-earth than other genres, and as a result, readers can better understand the characters’ motivations and the events that take place.


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