Milton’s Paradise Lost is a classic example of how setting can be important in literature. The poem tells the story of the fall of man, and the action takes place in two very different settings: heaven and hell. The different settings help to create a contrast between the two worlds, and this contrast is an important part of the story.

In heaven, the setting is calm and orderly, while in hell it is chaotic and violent. This contrast helps to illustrate the different states of mind of the two main characters, Satan and Adam. Satan is in a state of constant turmoil, while Adam is at peace.

The different settings also help to create a sense of suspense and tension in the story. The reader is constantly wondering what will happen next, and how the characters will react to the different situations they find themselves in.

setting is important in literature because it can help to create a contrast between different worlds, and it can also help to create a sense of suspense and tension in the story.

Other related questions:

What is the main feature of Milton’s poetry?

Milton’s poetry is characterized by its grandeur, its ambitious scope, and its attempt to elevate the English language to a level on par with classical languages like Latin and Greek. Milton was also a master of the sonnet form, and many of his poems are renowned for their beautiful and poetic language.

What type of style did Milton use in literature?

Milton used a variety of literary styles, depending on the genre and purpose of his writing. In his poetry, he often employed heroic couplets, a form consisting of rhyming iambic pentameter lines. In his prose works, he used a more straightforward, didactic style.

What is the setting of the Paradise Lost?

The setting of Paradise Lost is in Heaven, Hell, and Earth.

What is the theme of Milton?

There is no one specific theme in Milton’s work. Instead, his writing explores a variety of topics, including religious beliefs, morality, and human nature.


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