There are many reasons why literature is more important than art. For one, literature is more accessible than art. Literature can be enjoyed by anyone with a basic understanding of language, while art requires a certain level of knowledge and appreciation for aesthetics.

Another reason why literature is more important than art is that literature is more timeless. While art is often tied to specific cultures and periods, literature is more universal. This is because literature deals with ideas and emotions that are relevant to all people, regardless of time or place.

Lastly, literature is more important than art because it is more influential. Art is often created to provoke emotions or to be visually appealing, but literature has the power to change the way people think. Literature can challenge beliefs and open up new perspectives, and this is something that art cannot always achieve.

So, while art is important, literature is more important because it is more relatable, more timeless, and more influential.

Other related questions:

Why is literature more important?

Literature provides us with a way to understand and express our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It helps us to see the world from different perspectives and to develop our own unique way of thinking.

Why is literature considered as the highest form of art?

There are many reasons why literature is considered the highest form of art. First, literature is one of the oldest and most revered forms of art. It has been around for centuries, and has been used to communicate important messages and stories. Secondly, literature is a very complex and expressive form of art. It requires a great deal of skill and talent to create a work of literature that is truly great. Finally, literature has the ability to touch people on a very deep level. A great work of literature can change the way a person thinks and feels, and can even inspire them to take action.

What are the 10 reasons why literature is important?

1. Literature encourages imagination and creativity.

2. It helps develop language skills and can improve literacy levels.

3. It can foster a love of reading and a better understanding of different cultures.

4. It can improve critical thinking skills.

5. It can promote empathy and understanding of others.

6. It can provide enjoyment and a sense of escapism.

7. It can teach important life lessons.

8. It can raise awareness of social and political issues.

9. It can help develop a sense of identity.

10. It can provide a source of comfort and inspiration.

What is the importance of literature Why is it an art?

Literature is important because it is a form of art. It allows people to express themselves in a creative way and to share their ideas with others. It can also be used to teach people about different cultures and to promote understanding and tolerance.


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